Thursday, September 15, 2011


I need to turn in.
So what can't you like about me
SPF 45 not 30

I have such a headache
So I'm not perfect
I tried but I just don't fit in.

Don't screw me!

I like being alone

My life is such a blur.

Straighten up!
Heads Up!
We prefer the shade.
Turn around. The beach is that way.

Who's the designated driver?

We can now marry in New York.

Clean the sand off before you go in.

We will never be stepped on again.

Another Friday night alone.

Location, Location, Location

She was gone this morning.

What's gotten into your head?

I can't. You're not Jewish.

I'm in the wrong part of town.

He just keeled over.
So where's the view.

I knew there was someone else!
I'm so tired I can't keep my head up
Again with the low self esteem

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