Friday, December 27, 2013

Coney Island Amphitheater Threatens Boardwalk Community Garden

Brooklyn Ampitheater Threatens Community Garden's Future - NY1

Some Brooklyn residents are protesting the planned redevelopment of what they call a cornerstone of their community.

The Boardwalk Community Garden in Coney Island may not look like much this time of year, but residents grow everything there from cucumbers to tomatoes and zucchini.
They say the 5,000 seat ampitheater planned for the site would tear at the heart of their neighborhood.

"We fight for this place because it's a community garden and it's very...make us happy, older people to work, to produce. We have here Russian, Spanish, African American people and we, over here, it brings us together," said Elena Voitsenko, a community resident.

"We're going to fight to keep this garden because we love not only what we do, as far as growing, but we also love the people that we are very fortunate to meet here," said Yury Openzik, a community resident.
Community members say the city is rushing the project and should ask for residents' input before moving forward.
The city approved the project earlier this month

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