Friday, August 9, 2013

A Traffic Light to Replace a Bridge Over Traffic?

Coney Island Pedestrian Bridge Torn Down « CBS New York

Coney Island has lost another landmark after an iconic pedestrian bridge was torn down overnight for safety reasons.

The bridge, which connected the West Eighth Street subway station to the New York Aquarium and boardwalk, had stood for 50 years, but fell into disrepair. Chipped paint and rust could be seen on a remaining section of the bridge Thursday morning.

“It was like the entrance,” Eliza Shulman, a Coney Island resident, told CBS 2’s Don Champion. “You could see everything. You could see all the way down that way — the boardwalk, the ocean, the baseball stadium, the aquarium. It was just really cool.”

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Anonymous said...

Things don't fall into disrepair. It was neglected and now a safe passageway from the subway to the boardwalk is gone. A traffic light at that intersection is a a poor substitute to protect the many people who need a safe corridor to cross a chaotic Surf Avenue.