Saturday, June 29, 2013

#MermaidParade Hooks Lots of Fans

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Allan said...

800,000 people ventured to Coney Island on June 22 to enjoy one of the more unusual spectacles that has become the beginning of summer fashion display.  Huge crowds along Surf Avenue and on the Boardwalk  waved and shouted as their favorite costumed man, woman or child passed.  We all know that the parade almost didn't take place unless $100,000 was raised.  Well, donations poured in and nothing would stop this year's "people's parade."
Seemed a bit disorganized with many large gaps between marches and I don't get the "reviewing stand" necessity (People's Parade shouldn't cater to a special class).  But it fun, noisy and the crowds really got into it.  I don't think anyone left disappointed except those who wished that they had signed up to be part of it.  Maybe next year.