Monday, December 3, 2012

Wooden boardwalk advocates get pounded by Sandy

Shifted wooden planks show the result of Sandy's power
Although the Coney Island Boardwalk didn't suffer the major devastation as the ones in New Jersey and Long Island it may have been seriously weakened. 
I walk on the boardwalk daily and I can sense the difference. Boards have been pushed up and the unbalanced feeling underfoot is definitely noticeable especially near the Aquarium.  Much of the sand still needs to be removed and then a true assessment can be made.  In fact, the only areas that seemed to have survived intact was the new concrete section near Ocean Parkway and the newest renovation of the composite wood over concrete near Stillwell Avenue. That will strengthen the argument of the validity of the new design and the improved longevity of the structure.
But one thing is fairly certain.  The fight to oppose the new concrete and composite rehab of the Coney Island boardwalk and retain the iconic "wooden"  reputation has been smashed to pieces by Sandy.

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