Friday, December 14, 2012

Cumaru Decking Section of Coney Island Boardwalk Escapes Unscathed

hardwood decking coney island boardwalkCumaru Decking: Coney Island Boardwalk (full blog post)

(Excerpt from blog)
Cumaru decking FSC decking used on Coney Island boardwalk

Mataverde Cumaru Decking escapes Hurricane Sandy unscathed. It has been noted recently in newspaper reports that the devastating effects Hurricane Sandy had on large areas of the Northeast including the New York and New Jersey coasts particularly, did not affect the areas of the Coney Island boardwalk that had been rebuilt and repaired recently uising the FSC Certified Mataverde Cumaru decking. The Cumaru section of the boardwalk shown in the photo above was installed with recycled plastic sleepers and FSC Certified 100% Pure Cumaru Decking. The Cumaru decking boards were securely attached with stainless steel decking screws for additional fastening strength and durability. This strong installation method helped the Cumaru decking in this section of the boardwalk to escape the brutal wrath and battering of the vicious storm.

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